Membands is an innovative product line that enables scripture memorization in a relevant and quick way—a silicone wristband.  Once individuals purchase Membands they will then begin to utilize the unique memorization tool that it presents and start trading them with others. This unique memorization tool is acronymic and has never before been utilized to reach this large of a market. The individual wearing a Memband can memorize the acronym of the verse on the top of the verse (For God so loved the world…FGSLTW) and then flip to the underneath of the band for a reference by viewing the whole scripture written out. With our new Smartphone App and scanning system, you will soon be able to hide Membands verses in your heart, give the band away and track where God’s Word is spreading!


The vision behind Membands is to see Christians engage more deeply and daily with a key teaching of their faith, the memorization of scripture. Beyond that it will enable Christians to encourage one another through the sharing of Membands and using them as an evangelism tool.  Membands plans to be a leading influence in the scripture engagement movement across America with the possibility of expanding to other product lines, conferences, and speaking engagements.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your path”

I met you at The Big Ticket Festival (Gaylord, MI) and just wanted to touch base and let you know I now know this verse by heart now. I’m going to switch it out for the other one I bought and learn that one. I am obsessed with Membands and I want to purchase ASAP!

“My nephew purchased a couple of the Membands at the recent Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, MI and absolutely loves them! What a great idea! He already memorized the two scriptures and can’t wait for more.”

“Hey Will, it was great to meet you and hear your story. Thank you for coming to see us. All 4 of my kids used your bands to memorize verses last night!”


“To help memorize verses in the past, Will Severns would use this acronym approach by writing the first letter in Sharpie on top of a rubber band. Eventually, the Sharpie would wear off, and the rubber band would snap. While a freshman at Taylor University, The Lord placed the idea for Membands on his heart, and it slowly grew from there. Over the next few years, different people were placed in his path to help make this dream a reality. The product kept developing to where it is today, and Membands are not far off from reaching the whole country. Help us in this journey. If you would like Will to come speak at your church, conference, camp, college or any other event promoting entrepreneurship or the importance of abiding in God’s Word, please contact him at will@membands.com”.